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Contemporary and sophisticated line of armchair, lounge chair and sofa. The design is structured around the legs, which support the seat and backrest.

Two flat profiles run from the same point along the base and backrest in an iteration of straight and curved lines. The main lines of the design are resolved with a pair of strokes, in an exercise of purity that gives the product an effect of dynamism and visual strength. The steel-based variant is oriented mostly to office environments, while the wood variant takes on a more habitat-focused air.

  • References
  • 9382
  • 9382-04
  • Designer
  • Carlos Soriano
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Structure and frame
Seat and back frame assembled to both metal and wooden legs.

Solid wood frame, with webbing for a more comfortable seating. On top of this a thick high density rubber surface with a R.H. of 30 kg/m³ ensures optimal seating.

Steel rod structure, reinforced with plates that allow seat to the support that supports a high density rubber surface with a R.H. of 30 kg/m³.

Ref. 9382 > Solid wood legs varnished in high-strength polyurethane with lateral metal reinforcements.
Ref. 9382/04 > Metal option in curved steel plate.

Finishes and upholstery as per sample book.


80 cm.

78 cm.

71 cm.

Seat Height
41 cm.

Arm Height
50 cm.


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