Sofa beds / Oleg
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Sofa bed with straight forms and stylized volumes. Back, seat, bottom and armrests share the same thicknesses, creating a pleasant sense of balance. Product with a sculptural and modern look.

The design is elevated by thin, blunt steel legs, which lift the volume off the ground and give a sense of lightness and airiness.

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  • 911-1PL
  • 911-2PL
  • 911-3PL
  • 911-3PL+
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  • TM Diseño


Pine wood frame covered with MDF board and covered with polyurethane foam.
Backrest pine wood frame screwed to wooden structure and covered with high density polyurethane foam 30 kg/m³.

Frame on bed base with high resistance elastic webbing suspension system with high density rubber cushions (30 kg/m³ soft).

Italian opening system. Front opening in a single movement without the need to disassemble any element. The backrest is hidden under the bed.
Formed by metal tubes painted with epoxy paint, which form the structure on which arms, backrest and backrest are mounted.
Guaranteeing more than 7,500 openings.

Pine wood frame covered with MDF board and covered with polyurethane foam.

Foam rubber mattress padded with Strench fabric. Density 28 kg/m³ soft, with aloe vera cover. 205 x 140 x 11cm.

Four chrome-plated iron legs. When the bed is opened there are two extra supports of the mechanism (sofa bed) in iron painted with epoxy paint.

Finishes and upholstery according to sample book.


84 cm.

1 plz > 146 – 156 – 166 cm.
2 plz > 186 cm.
3 plz > 206 cm.
3 plz plus > 226 cm.

Mattress width
1 plz > 80 – 90 – 100 cm.
2 plz > 120 cm.
3 plz > 140 cm.
3 plz plus > 160 cm.

105 cm.

Seat Height
46 cm.

Arm Height
65 cm.

Unfolded mattress
220 cm.


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