Sofa beds / Pillow
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Sofa bed with a modern and sophisticated look. The low backrest at arm height gives the product a contemporary, avant-garde look. Two cushions complement its backrest height, allowing them to be used as pillows as well.

The seat, which lowers to the floor and is resolved in a single piece, gives the design a uniform and compact appearance. The small bevel on the upper rear part of the backrest adds a differentiating touch and makes it a very suitable product to be placed in the center of a room, giving way to the back of the sofa.

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  • 943-1PL
  • 943-2PL
  • 943-3PL
  • 943-3PL+
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Pine wood frame covered with MDF board and covered with polyurethane foam.

Wooden frame covered with rubber and equipped with high density HR 20 kg/m³ soft polyurethane cushion. Anatomical design with ergonomic shape for a perfect adaptation of the back.

Frame on metal tube base with high resistance electro-welded mesh suspension system on which the upper mattress rests. HR density 28 kg/m³ soft.

Nest type elevating mechanism made of metal tube and electrowelded metal mesh, for greater durability.
Guaranteed for more than 5,000 openings.

Pine wood frame covered with MDF board and covered with polyurethane foam.

Interior foam rubber mattress padded with Strench fabric 185x80x11cm. Density 28 kg/m³ soft with aloe vera cover.

Four hidden iron legs with injected rigid polypropylene covering and screwed to the mechanism itself.

Finishes and upholstery as per sample book.


85 cm.

1 plz > 146 – 156 – 166 cm.
2 plz > 186 cm.
3 plz > 206 cm.
3 plz plus > 226 cm.

Mattress width
1 plz > 80 – 90 – 100 cm.
2 plz > 120 cm.
3 plz > 140 cm.
3 plz plus > 160 cm.

99 cm.

Seat Height
44 cm.

Arm Height
70 cm.

Unfolded mattress
220 cm.


All our products are manufactured following the requirements of our Management System, based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 Quality Systems and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems standards.