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Technical and productive flexibility to be better.

Controlling the entire production process allows us to be flexible and adapt to the circumstances and needs that each project requires. For this, all departments work together forming a great human gear.

The entire TM team works with passion and our products carry a little piece of each one of us, because we design and produce them with people in mind.

Our products go through high quality controls and each department reviews every detail to ensure that each model meets the design and quality required by the functional and decorative projects for which it is intended.


Taking care of the design, respecting the functionality of the product.

Our designers are dedicated body and soul to discover new forms and redesign products, with style, functionality and versatility.


Maintaining quality, controlling the entire manufacturing process.

The use of noble materials and the control of the entire production process allow us to maintain high quality standards.


Advancing in technology, investing in innovation and development.

Research into new materials, elements and solutions helps us to develop the most advanced technology in the sector.


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tm leader contract 

tm leader contract 

tm leader contract 

tm leader contract 

tm leader contract 

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